Horlane Drumond is the Fruitful Minds Institute’s founder and an international speaker, mentor, master coach, and leader in personal development for more than 10 years.

The Fruitful Minds Institute is a leadership training institute that uses coaching, mentoring, and self-knowledge techniques.
The institute’s headquarters are in the United States, home to several prestigious universities and institutes worldwide.
Our goal is to empower leaders through hands-on teaching and personal application of self-knowledge, coaching and mentoring tools.
Mentoring: In the mentoring process, the mentor is a guide, teacher and counselor who has experience in the field in which the mentee is being assisted.
Coaching: In the process of coaching, the coach facilitates the coachee’s development so that he or she can achieve one or more goals. These goals should be environmentally friendly, that is, goals that benefit both yourself and those around you.
Self-knowledge: Self-knowledge is the individual’s knowledge about him- or herself and involves searching for deep understanding of one’s values, beliefs, abilities, passions, emotions, and purpose.


To bring the individual to the maximum of his or her potential in order to achieve goals, have a full life, and positively impact those around him or her.


To train and strengthen men and women through mentoring, coaching and training, contributing to a life with purpose and fulfillment.


Relationship with God
Continuous growth
Commitment to the next
Functional family