I always felt confident in accomplishing, but I knew I could go further. I knew something prevented me from expanding my vision. Horlane saw the eagle in me, set challenges, and encouraged me to reach my goals. I am happy and grateful, because I am accomplishing a dream and a goal to study at Oxford University in England.

Julie Souza - Student of Journalism

In a training with Horlane, I discovered my identity, and from there, my purpose of life was clear. I realized that it did not matter where or how I was, but the decision to act on my goals and really focus on what I wanted for myself. I learned that values and calling are not negotiable. Today, I make my world an incredible place.

Alana Esteves - Nutritionist

During the individual coaching program, Horlane led me to discover the triggers that led to my extreme reactions when my values and boundaries were invaded. I discovered beliefs that kept me from going higher and forward with my goals. Today, with more self-knowledge, I make my life worthwhile. I understood that success without happiness is failure. Today, I am free.

Leonardo Brandão - Entrepreneur